Corporate Events

Book your next corporate event on the sea. Sunset Rendezvous is the perfect venue for both pleasure and business

Corporate Events on Sunset Rendezvous

Whether you choose the majestic Sunset Rendezvous or any of our other yachts, we have the perfect setting for your next corporate event, sharing the experience of being at sea with your valued customer or rewarding your hard-working employees. We find that being afloat is a great way of breaking the shackles of the boardroom, so that new ideas can be discussed and conversations had, that would not take place under usual circumstances. IMG_7589Sunset Rendezvous has been chartered extensively by many high profile and Fortune 500 companies including Merrill Lynch, Nautica, CBS, The CW Television Network, Cisco Systems, Symantec, Nike and many more. A San Diego Bay cruise provides the perfect setting for corporate retreats, business meetings, corporate parties, Christmas functions and any other corporate events. We can take you to all points on San Diego Bay with our Coast Guard trained and certified captain and crew. If you are interested in booking a corporate event, please give us a call at (619) 677-5553 or email us here.

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